Will YouTube Pass Yahoo?


I guess the big news today is that Google seems to have lost some of their search engine searches to Yahoo and MSN. But it would also seem that YouTube is ranking #3 ahead of MSN for searches.

Google has 7.3 billion expanded search queries

Yahoo has 2.5 billion expanded search queries

YouTube has 2.3 billion expanded search queries

MSN has 1.1 billion expanded search queries

I wonder how long it will take YouTube to pass Yahoo.

And does either Yahoo or MSN have a chance in this game?

While it would be nice to see a new player in the game of search, the sad news is that Google owns YouTube, which could very well be that player. The good news is that it does appear that the way we search for information could be about to change. As internet connections get faster and people get tired of reading, we could be looking at some major changes in the way we find and obtain information.

There has never been this much information available to the world and many people have reached their peak of information overload. By finding new and better ways to distribute that information we are able to fight information overload. Although the time it takes me to reach my video overload seems to be less time than it takes me to reach by reading overload it is still a good alternative to reading.

As the internet makes daily changes and Google moves to stay ahead of the pack, I have to wonder, what’s next.


Source by Janeth Duque

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