The Rummikub


Rummikub is an international game, which was invented by Ephraim Hertzano. The game since has earned unmatched popularity for being a mind boggling game. The structure, design and playing system of Rummikub are simply amazing, and it captures the imagination and keep up the interest of all involved players.

Let us find out more about Rummikub game and its setup and techniques; Rummikub has some basic similarities with the other common cards game, but prominently it is the usage of the joker. The game set is made up of particular tiles of different colours such as red, black, blue, and orange; these are then set on a playing rack.

The game can be played by 2 – 4 players; the main goal is to reach at least of 200 points. One can accumulate points by melding tiles to the meld area.

There is a pool of 106 tiles in total, out of which, 104 tiles are number tiles and remaining two are joker tiles. The range of number tiles is in between 1 -13 in four different colours, as mentioned above. The combination of different colours and numbers is represented twice. Each player has a rack to store tiles; this is not revealed to the other players, something similar to that used in Scrabble.

Alternatively, this game can also be played with two decks of standard playing cards, plus 2 of the 4 jokers. Different cards have different face values, for example, ace counts for one, a jack for eleven, king for thirteen and a queen for twelve.

The game became extremely popular, and is still popular among families and friends who have been playing these games for decades. Now, it is also possible to play the game of Rummikub online, both for fun and for money. Free versions of this game as well tournaments can be both found on the Internet. Some of the websites let you download the game on your computer to play it even when you are not connected to Internet, and others are directly played on the websites.

It is not difficult job to play Rummikub, and if one knows how to play Rummy and Kalooki, it won’t be difficult for him or her to pick up this game very fast.

This game, like any other game can become addictive very fast, so you have to set your limits and adhere to them strictly. If not abused, this game is really fun, which gives good exercise to your mind.


Source by Khan Paki Gee

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