The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica


The art or science of metallurgy is vital to the social structures surrounding all esoteric beliefs. They are the most tangible items of the cosmic soup that are possibly drawn to certain Earth Energy Grid locations as we shall see. The shamans who gathered meteorite material to fashion tools and weapons as well as for the use of the metals and spirits thereof became great aristocrats, as their family or heritage and legends grew. Genghis Khan (Temujin) is from such a family and most of the early aristocrats were either adept (like the House of David and Solomon) themselves or worked closely with these artisans who we could call alchemists, as Mircae Eliade does in his ‘The Forge and The Crucible’. When the Spanish arrived in Mayan lands they asked the Aztecs and others where their knives came from, they also found a meteorite at the venerated apex of the Cholula pyramid. They pointed to the heavens and the Spanish reports call this paganism. When this use of metals began is anyone’s guess.

It requires no great debate or references of authorities to know the almost ultimate import of meteors in the ancient past when one considers just these two things. The Ka’aba is a black meteorite in Mecca and there is a ritual among the Islamic faithful who must visit it once in their lifetime. That ritual of approaching this sacred relic from very ancient times (before Islam) is learned by all of Islam. In Mexico there are pyramids with churches on top (now) that used to house meteorites.

“In 1969, a Japanese scientific expedition was trekking near the Yamato Mountains, in the region of the Antarctic {Under international domain.} icecap that lies directly south of Africa. The Japanese found nine dark meteorites lying close together on the surface of the ice.

Given meteorites’ scarcity, the expedition leaders assumed that the nine samples they found were fragments of a single large specimen that had broken apart in its fall to the ice. To their amazement, however, they soon discovered that their finds were all of different types and chemical compositions. They were not pieces of one rock. They had not even formed in the same region of the solar system. This was thrilling! The convergence of nine separate thunders tones at that single spot implied that the ice sheet itself was somehow collecting those rarities of nature and sweeping them together.

The Japanese mounted more expeditions to the Yamato ice in 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1979, and they were rewarded with a grand total of 3,000 meteorites. Every year since then, during the brief Antarctic summer, international expeditions have converged on the Japanese rock gardens. Each small meteorite is photographed where it lies and then nudged gingerly into a teflon bag, which is an awkward procedure when performed with thick mittens and in deep subzero cold, with the stone skittering on the ice. Once bagged, each specimen is shipped home and studied in an antiseptic laboratory, using the same sort of apparatus built to study Moon rocks. The sample is never touched by human hands.” (1)

They go on to describe the then existing theory of the Big Bang but no mention of how these rocks get there and keep getting there. What might be happening here? Is there a case of affinity at work (my encyclopedia has an in depth description of affinity)? Is there intelligent design or what? The Pasadena lab where a lot of these things are studied is known as the Lunatic Asylum. A member of my sister-in-law’s family works for JPL there, and travels all around the world doing things they never get to know about anymore. Is it because she isn’t allowed to tell them or is it because the family used to call her ideas and the things we would talk about ‘sheer lunacy’? What happened in the 8 billion years or so between the formation of our known universe and the formation of our Milky Way comprised of countless solar systems? The numbers are so incredible that the mind can’t conceive what is in just the known universe, and there are others we put outside the words ‘known universe’. Who is able to do more than worship this phantasm or orgy of ‘luna’-cy (luna=moon)?

“‘It looks as if Venus may have had oceans hundreds of millions of years ago,” says planetologist Jim Head. If so, Venus would have been very much more like Earth. Its continents may have enjoyed rivers, streams, puffy white clouds, and pleasant weather… Will the human volcano heat Planet Earth until all the seas go dry and lead melts in the sunlight? Are we already on the downhill path to Venus?” (2)

The reason the rocks are drawn to Mt. Yamato may have something to do with the Earth Energy Grid which has two bands of energy ‘blobs’ or vortices around the world. Mt. Yamato would be a site where the opposite energy may exist. I will not be able to prove it but I will present some interesting data on the likes of the Bermuda Triangle from the early research of Ivan Sanderson whose work is continued in another very recent book which I will cover as well.

First of all let me say I think a very large meteor was drawn to the area of the Bermuda Triangle in 8350 BCE or thereabouts. The cobalt and nickel left there from this meteor will throw electrical guidance systems haywire and this has been demonstrated by credible researchers. I have dealt with it extensively in other books. It is called the Carolina Bays Event and I think it provides a reason why there is a 2200 foot drop to an urban site now being looked into off the coast of Cuba. The plate tectonics of rising mountains in the Andes would be far too early to tie in with this sudden drop of a city or urban center, I think. This excerpt also addresses the region of Japan where recent finds of semi-Pyramidal structures are being researched. That site is Yonaguni and there are others near there.

“The Disposition of Anomalies

We have spent a perhaps inordinate amount of time discussing the things that called attention to these ‘Vile Vortices’ in order to demonstrate the extent and character of the phenomenon. I think the time has now come for some detailed analysis of and comment upon this business as a whole; and from this we may proceed to some speculation.

The popular idea has been that there is one roughly triangular area with sides running from Bermuda to central Florida and thence to Puerto Rico in which a large number of planes have simply vanished without a trace.

This is a glamorous notion, but on proper analysis, it does not stand up. It is not a triangle, and its periphery is much greater than the one outlined above. In fact, the area in which such disappearances, or alleged disappearances, have been recorded forms a large, sort of lozenge-shaped {These lozenge lattices are found all around many ‘keltoi’ sites like the Tarim Basin of recent discovery. Mandalas are designed according to energy flow. The energy that taught or that they observed is all important.} area which is neither centered on the Oceanic island of Bermuda not can it in any way be depended from it. We have plotted all the ‘disappearances’–and please remember that this is something quite different from mere sinking of ships and submarines, or ditchings of planes–reported from this area and found that it slops way over the original so-called ‘triangle.’ After this discovery, the question naturally arose as t the uniqueness of this funny blob, which extends from about 30degrees to 40 degrees north latitude, and from about 55 degrees to 85 degrees west. Was it unique?

We knew already that there was at least one other such area alleged to exist. This lies some 250 miles south of the Japanese island of Honshu about longitude 140 degrees east. We therefore started to work, gathering records of ships lost and planes vanishing around this point which, as a matter of fact, had up till then been only mentioned–and rather casually at that. The outcome was not just amazing; it was positively startling. Plane after plane on its way south to Guam appears to have vanished, and this with disturbing frequency. So we started plotting again, and despite the usually very vague locations given–and no wonder, considering that these planes disappeared without radio signals or any trace–another lozenge-shaped blob came to light.

This startled us a bit, but then one of my colleagues had the brilliant idea of getting out a map of the world! Once we had a map before us, we saw that both lozenges lay precisely between 30 degrees and 40 degrees north and also spread about 30 degrees east to west, latitudinally. This really did spark us, so we made a grab for the globe.

Now the surface of our earth as seen on a globe is really very different from what we look at on a two-dimensional map, and especially one on what is called the Mercator projection. Just where did these two blobs lie relative to each other as one went around the globe? It turned out that they were centered 160 degrees apart (going around one way) and 200 degrees (going the other). In other words, there did not appear to be any noticeable pattern. If they had been at 180 degrees going both ways, they would have been exactly opposite each other on opposite sides of the earth. But then something else cropped up.

We had been inundated with letters asking for more information on the disappearances of the Israeli and French submarines at the east and west ends of the Mediterranean, respectively, We were naturally unable to add anything to the news reports and official statements. However, the Mediterranean Sea just happens to form a lozenge-shaped blob, also lying between 30 degrees and 40 degrees north, and just about 30 degrees from left to right, latitudinally.

Naturally, we measured the distance between these three blobs. Then something else rather startling came to light. They were arranged on an apparently strict numerical progression–from the Bermuda bit to the Mediterranean, four; the Mediterranean to the Japanese, five; and the Japanese to the Bermuda, six.

Now, I don’t like such neat patterns emerging in anything in nature; it looks far too much as though somebody had got the idea first, and then tried to fit the facts into it. You can fit almost anything into almost anything else if you try hard enough; as any mathematician, statistician, or police officer can tell you. However, Nature is to a great extent fairly orderly and does display rather neat patterns.

So we had three ‘blobs’ in a line–and the same line, please note–of something. But just what? At this point I started doing some hard thinking. If there are three such areas between 30 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude, could there be equivalents at 30 degrees and 40 degrees south latitude? A subsequent investigation into plane, ship, and sub losses in the southern hemisphere yielded some amazing results.

There turned out to be three exactly similar areas situated below the equator. These lie off the east coasts of South America, South Africa, and Australia. All proved to be precisely within 30 degrees to 40 degrees of latitude south, and also to be about 30 degrees of longitude in width. But very strangely, they were all tilted up to the right or east, as were also those in the northern hemisphere! Frankly, this does not seem to make sense, because our planet is a sphere and the southern hemisphere should mirror the northern. So we started looking for some physical reason for this clear pattern.

The first thing that emerged was that these vortices in the southern hemisphere wee precisely shifted the same number of degrees to the east in all cases. Then one further fact came to light. Of all the possible known physical factors that could cause this pattern–temperature, barometric pressure, and, above all, geomagnetic anomalies–only one fitted, and this was surface ocean currents!

Five of these six areas–the Mediterranean alone being in a different category–lie on the right or east sides of the continents, {Before the African continent collided with the land north of it about 12 million years ago, this would not be the case. But it would not have been on the right of any land then. Remember this is where the Great Pyramid serves some Earth Energy Grid function and somehow is located on the nearest firm foundation to the center of all the land masses on earth.} and all precisely in curious areas where hot surface currents stream out of the tropical latitudes toward the colder waters of the temperate, subpolar and eventually polar areas. What is more, the two principal ones in the northern hemisphere, in accordance with the simple behavior of waters on a spinning globe, turn clockwise, while the three in the southern hemisphere turn counterclockwise. There is nothing odd about this; but there is about the fact that said twirls all make their tightest turns precisely in these five locations…

{He goes on to detail how other occurrences are problematic in these same areas and highlights the fact that disappearances that leave no trace only happen to such a high proportion in these areas. He then got a letter from a woman whose brothers in the Navy and Air Force had told her things that result in ten ‘blobs’ or lozenges which fit the ancient Pentagon-dodecahedron knowledge which he does not mention and may not have known about. He also makes it clear he sees none of the UFO or ET things to this which Cathie and others do.}

The significance of this may be lost on most of us ordinary and non-mathematically orientated folk, so I asked our chief geometer, who is also a specialist electronics engineer, to tell me how to put it. His reply was very clear and, to me at least, simple; namely, that there would appear to be ten funny places on the surface of our planet which lie opposite each other in a particular manner… demonstrated that all five of them {Skewers placed through the globe at the points of the lozenges.} were battling to pass through the exact center of the earth.” (3)

Thus we have the Great Pyramid serving as the keystone to the surface of the earth and these vortices of energy derived out of some deep earth energy which I also relate to the meteorites from space finding a reason to collect in Antarctica or the large one drawn to the Bermuda Triangle. Research on the tensile strength of metals over these ‘blots’ shows the fields of energy surrounding the earth has a strong impact on everything and that makes one wonder about many things considered foolish about astrology or other psycho-spiritual sciences. Imagine attuning oneself to these energies and directing them.


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Source by Robert Baird

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