Steam Sex Game Lets You Organize Orgies For A Good Cause


A house is filled with orgy participants.

Screenshot: LizardFactory

Orgynizer isn’t a game where you participate in an orgy: it’s a game where you’re organizing one. You may be wondering: How hard could it be to organize a sex party? It turns out, it’s very complicated.

The Steam page for the soon-to-be-released Orgynizer describes it as a puzzle game where you pair up procedurally generated participants for a steamy time. You can also put them together in groups, which is necessary for certain characters who only feel confident when a specific character is around. Sometimes, they don’t want to be in the same room with a certain someone. Some people like kinky dice games and strap-ons, while others don’t. It’s now your job to make sure that everyone’s happy about who they end up with for the night.

The developers emphasize that you can’t see any sexual content in the game. Orgynizer is exactly what it says on the tin: you’re a scheduler, not a sex-haver. The humor and themes are sexual, but the art isn’t. “If you are looking for [X-rated content], this game is not for you,” says the developer, LizardFactory.

LizardFactory is planning to donate all proceeds from this game to Planned Parenthood, which is nice because the developers are actually based in Denmark (where abortion is legal during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and afterward under certain conditions). Ever since Roe v Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court on June 24, millions of American residents lost their guaranteed right to safe and legal abortions. And right now, local Planned Parenthood offices are still challenging abortion rulings that are being made at the local level. They need all the help they can get.

Ideally I would like the right to an abortion to be supported by the highest court in the land, but you can support Planned Parenthood by buying this game when it comes out. There’s currently no set release date for Orgynizer. The store page says that the game will be coming out “Soon’ish,” but you can wishlist it here.


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