Skill Building Awareness in Poker Tournaments


Most everybody emulates at least one poker pro and wishes they could play as good as them and have a winning record like they have. That may include tournament cashes, cash games, trophies and bracelets.

In the world of Internet poker however, such thing as don’t come as easy as it seems on television. Can you really make the bold kind of plays that Gus Hansen makes with hands like 35 suited? Can you really and down came the king in a multi-table tournament like Phil Hellmuth does? Across the table at your opponent and tell him what his hand is, like Daniel Negreanu?

Sounds easy. Looks easy. It’s not easy. Even at a five dollar stake level online. If you want to make those types of moves and make them successful for you, while then you are looking at thousands and thousands and thousands of hands of practice, patients and skill building awareness.

Skill building awareness comes from looking at your own game and those controversial situations and asking yourself did you really make the right move, and if it was a tournament was this your best opportunity for such a move. One of the best ways for answering these types of tough questions and scenarios that come up game after game is to imagine that one of the professional players mentioned above is looking over your shoulder and acting as your coach. If you’re a big enough fan of this game you may very well have very good idea of what they are going to say in regards to how you played your hand.

Can you justify what you did in the hand to one of these world class players? Maybe you can. Maybe you can justify the fact that this was the time for aggression, stack play, or fighting back on the maniacal player.

When you execute skill building awareness, step out of your own situation and analyze it like you would if you were actually one of your favorite players. You may very well be surprised how quickly you are going to recognize your own errors realizing that you may actually be embarrassed to describe your reasoning for some of the plays.


Source by Marty Smith

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