Sea of Thieves’ next Community Day Event to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day


Avast ye maties, Sea of Thieves’ next Community Day Event will take control o’ the galleon September 17-18.

Durin’ this long weekend o’ celebrations fer Talk Like a Pirate Day, a Pirate Emporium sale ‘n logon gifts will be handed out, ‘n reachin’ the top Community Emissary Grade will raise more pesky Ancient Skeletons across the seas.

The scallywags at Microsoft and Rare say this event be goin’ even bigger on the rewards that weekend, wit’ a stunnin’ smorgasbord o’ in-game ‘n out-o’-game delights primed ‘n ready fer yer piratin’ pleasure.

Thar be a generous Renown boost from the mighty beginnin’, speedin’ up yer progress through Season Seven’s 100 levels o’ earnable rewards. But as wit’ the mighty first Community Day, it’s gold ‘n reputation that shall be largely boosted by a community tweet-along.

That bountiful multiplier will be in yer hands as all players need t’ work together t’ raise the Community Emissary Grade. Everyone usin’ the #SeaofThievesCommunityDay Twitter hashtag from 10am UTC the day of will be a contributin’ t’ that effort, wit’ the maximum level o’ Community Emissary Grade Five, offerin’ a handy two-‘n-a-half times the amount o’ gold ‘n reputation ’til the end o’ the event.

An fer the first time, Grade Five will unlock an increased spawn rate fer Ancient Skeletons fer the rest o’ the event. When givin’ a right floggin’, the cantankerous skeletons drop a random spot o’ Ancient Doubloons that can be claimed by ye ‘n yer crew.

Ye can spend these in the mighty Pirate Emporium, where the stock ranges from amazin’ ship sets ‘n weapon collections t’ costumes, pets, ‘n even emotes. So, ye won’t wants t’ wench yer chance t’ slash some o’ those high-value skellies on the day. Especially as the Pirate Emporium sutlers will also be slashin’ thar prices fer the occasion. Blisterin’ barnacles!

From September 15 t’ September 20, ye will be able t’ pick up a fancy array o’ fireworks from the Merchant Alliance – ‘n even jus’ loggin’ in will earn ye a free emote. The Arrrgh! emote will be going straight into the Vanity Chest o’ all sailors who play Sea of Thieves durin’ the party. Ye’ll also find the Rantin’ Rogue Emote available t’ pick up fer free when ye visit the Pirate Emporium durin’ that time – perfect fer all yer natterin’ like a pirate needs.

Shiver me timbers – thar be more! Wit’ Community Day also comes a celebration o’ amazin’ artists, players, creators ‘n community MVPs. As be customary, Rare’ll be scourin’ its channels ‘n the #BeMorePirate hashtag fer amazin’ Sea of Thieves tales from now ’til the end o’ the big day. Amaze Rare wit’ yer creations ‘n adventures this Community Day, ‘n worthy winners will be awarded the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame. So if ye reckon ye or one o’ yer crewmates deserves attention, as well as a mighty rare ‘n fetchin’ hat, ye know wha’ t’ do.

Twitch’ll also be gettin’ in on the party, wit’ the Gilded Phoenix Hull available by Twitch Drops during the festivities. Set yer sights on any participatin’ streamer playing Sea of Thieves fer an hour t’ spruce up yer ship wit’ a glorious golden hull – ‘n anyone can offer this drop, nah jus’ Sea of Thieves partners.

Lastly, if ye’d like t’ spend some time watchin’ Sea of Thieves TV, Rare be runnin’ an event stream o’ its mighty own puttin’ ye in control o’ the rudder an thus the broadcast. Tune in on the day t’ command the stream crew as they venture out t’ sea ‘n undertake a journey o’ yer choosin’. Yar.

Enjoy yerself ‘n ‘ave fun wit’ yer mates, me hearties.


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