Online Rummy – Will It Be a New Trend?


Did you actually know that rummy is the third most popular game in the world, right after Monopoly and Scrabble? You may have played this game when you were a child, maybe you play it since then or are new to this game. In either case I have good news for you.

The last word in online gambling (if it can be said so) industry is Online rummy. Rummy rooms have already been established in 2006, and you can imagine that there are already a few players online.

Joining such a rummy room is simple: you register and choose if you want to play for real money or play money. “Play money” is self-explaining. If you choose real money you have to deposit you own money. But if you click the link mentioned below you can get $5 for free to try out a rummy room. This is real money and if won’t cost you anything if you loose it.

There are many variations of rummy: Traditional rummy is maybe the most played.

Other popular rummy types are:

  • Gin
  • Oklahoma
  • Kalooki

There are two popular online rummy rooms which offer attractive bonuses. All of these rummy games mentioned above can be played online.

If you can’t play rummy I recommend you to read some rules before you play for real money. On some rummy rooms there are tutorials which can help you to learn the game of rummy.


Online Rummy is exciting and fun. It is one of the best skill games. In a few years it may be as popular as online poker. Good luck with your rummy career.


Source by Robert Szury

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