Online 9 Ball Pool – Playing Online 9 Ball Pool For Money


Online 9 ball pool is being played 24 hours a day by players from all over the world. What´s more, a lot of these online 9 ball pool games are now being played for real cash and some pretty big money is being made by good players. This article will outline some key points about the technology involved and provide you with a brief introduction to those interested in playing online 9 ball pool for money.

Most places at which you can play online 9 ball pool for money use software which displays the table from a 2D birds-eye perspective but the technology involved in modern online 9 ball pool games is very advanced now. All physics of ball movement, cushion bounce, spin and everything else imaginable are calculated using fully 3D technology which provides an experience which, although different in appearance, is physically accurate in comparison with real life pool.

Because of the technology involved, anyone who is an experienced pool player offline can quickly adapt to the online version and play a pretty strong game of pool against experienced online opponents just by having a solid understanding of pool theory and cue-ball control.

The games are played in various formats consisting of one-off head-to-head matches for an agreed amount of cash or tournaments in which every player puts up a “buy-in” for a chance to win a much larger prize by progressing deep into the competition.

Online 9 ball pool tournaments come in a few different formats too. Some of them are “Sit-And-Go´s” which means that the game starts when the preset number of players (say 8) has joined the tournament and other larger online 9 ball pool tournaments start at a fixed time.

The prize money for the online 9 ball pool tournaments is dealt out according to a prefixed structure at the end of the tournament.

For those who are interested in the game but are skeptical about their ability the sites hold play-money games where you can brush up on your skills before putting up any money of your own and free-roll tournaments in which you can enter for free but win a real cash prize if you qualify.

Online 9 ball pool for money is sure to become a huge industry and many players will make a living from the comfort of their own homes playing this fun and competitive game.


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