No Man’s Sky Gets Major Overhaul As It Launches On Switch


A character looks out at a wild sci-fi landscape.

Image: Hello Games

To say that No Man’s Sky has come a long way since its 2016 launch would be an understatement. But despite all of the welcome expansions to the epic-scale space sim, gameplay elements like survival, crafting, and the interesting choice of inventory layout have remained an obstacle for some players. With the new 4.0, “Waypoint,” update, though, players will have much more freedom over how the game plays.

Unveiled today with the expected bundle of emojis on Twitter, and timed with the game’s impressive release on Nintendo Switch today, the Waypoint update for No Man’s Sky is a chunky one. Along with a suite of quality of life improvements, NMS players will now be able to tune the game’s difficulty to their preferred play style, toning down or upping up the challenge. The inventory has also seen a dramatically welcome improvement, making everything easier to sort and find. And if you enjoy a more chill space trip (or are tripping on something else while playing) “Relaxed Game Mode” promises “reduced danger and minimal grind.”

Check out the reveal trailer here:

Hello Games

The blog for the update goes into some finer details, including a new auto-save system. Thank god. On top of that, you can now sell items on the Galactic Trade Network while planetside via the new “personal trade rocket.” And if you’re joining the mega-universe of this game on Switch, you’ll be treated to some unique rewards during the early days of the game’s arrival on the platform. A new ship and multi-tool will be yours if you hit the servers on Switch before November 7. The Switch version is currently available on physical media or on the eShop for the old standard of $60.

While it’s been a wild ride seeing No Man’s Sky prove all the haters wrong, there’s no doubting that the inventory management and survival aspects have sometimes been too abrasive at worst and clunky at best. If those have kept you away from experiencing the scope and scale of this title, you simply have no excuse anymore.


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