Making Friends in Online Bingo


When becoming involved in a new activity, only the most confident people do so without trepidation. It has been widely reported on news sites and social networks alike that free bingo sites such as Costa Bingo are breaking new ground in facilitating the creation of new friendships, and even relationships. This positive news has had a contagion effect, sending scores of new players to sites such as Costa where players can enjoy the company of one another while also playing the relatively new phenomenon of online bingo. Nevertheless, new players are wise to be aware of the pitfalls of bad etiquette in the online bingo hall, which may have the opposite effect over the potential popularity to which they are at first attracted.


It may seem like an obvious point, but the first pitfall looming for a new player is a lack of introduction. Sites offer chat functions which make conversing with other players easy, even if it is boiled down to a simple “hello”. After all, the difficulty in endearing oneself to others is magnified a hundred-fold should a person exhibit a lack of desire to introduce oneself. This being said, such is the social nature of online bingo that it is highly likely that the regular players would issue greetings to the table. As such, there is no better opportunity to start making friends.

Learn the Lingo

One of the most common features permeating online bingo is the nature of the language used by players. Resembling the 21st century cultural whirlwind that has been “text speak”, players often converse in what has been dubbed “bingo lingo”. This is often the most recurring facet of the online game that players later reveal to be the one that has proved the most difficult to which they must acclimatize. While new players often decry the language used by veterans use confusing, it actually allows the game to flow much faster while also allowing players to enjoy conversation. In this way, persistence with the lingo will yield great rewards.

Lose Gracefully

The old adage goes, “You win some, you lose some.” This is no less true at Costa Bingo, whether the game is free or not. Yet losing sorely could be the biggest contributor to rapidly decreasing popularity. Losing is part of the game, and taking it on the chin will only endear a new player to his fellow combatants. The opposite is also true, and it has been documented that persistently abusive players can fall foul of both their fellow competitors and the authorities, with a possible ban at stake. In this vein, simple manners can take a player a long way.


Source by Rosie Giovinazzo

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