Light of Love Mission Church Flag Football Team


The Light of Love Mission Church flag football team is a large team of church members who have enjoyed success in various church tournaments (Turkey Bowl and Love Bowl) throughout Southern California. They started out very raw, and were routinely beaten in all their games they ever played. It wasn’t until recently that they had their first victory in a tournament. But that victory gave them the confidence to become a church powerhouse in the realm of church flag football, advancing to at least the semi finals in the last 5 tournaments they’ve entered, with two appearances in the finals. Though despite these appearances, they have yet to win the title.

The early years of Light of Love’s team were rough. Though their defense consistently held teams to one score or less, they always lost because their offense could not muster up any points whatsoever. Sometimes the offense would lose the games on their own, throwing an interception that is returned for a touchdown or giving up a safety in the end zone. The early years had many 2-0 games, games in which the defense shut out the opposing team, but Light of Love still lost due to a safety violation the offense committed.

As the team progressed and gained experience, the offense began to take form. With the defense continuing its dominant form, the offense began to find its rhythm in games and the wins began. Their first win was celebrated by the entire church, but very quickly it seemed that the team was headed for much bigger things than just one win. They began to compile wins at all the tournaments their entered and eventually made a surprise run to the finals of the 2008 Turkey Bowl hosted by Good News Chapel. With the confidence gained from their finals run, they made it to the semi finals of the 2009 Love Bowl and returned to the finals of the 2009 Turkey Bowl, only to get blown out by a rival church. In the 2010 Love Bowl, they were defeated in the quarter finals. But the 2010 Turkey Bowl brought the biggest disappointment. It was the best and deepest team they have ever fielded, and they expected to win the tournament. The expectations were too much for them, as they flamed out in the semi finals, again leaving the tournament disappointed in their results.

As they begin to practice for the 2011 Love Bowl, the team is once again full of confidence in their ability to win the tournament. Only time will tell if they are able to get over the hump and finally hoist a church tournament trophy.


Source by Charles Bloom

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