First Footage From HBO Max’s The Last Of US TV Show Released


It’s been over two years since HBO first announced it was making a TV show based on Naughty Dogs’ The Last Of Us, and today we’ve finally got our first proper look at it.

HBO just released a trailer showing all the stuff coming to HBO Max in the coming year, and towards the end—I’ve set the video below to autoplay at the right time but if it doesn’t work it’s around 1:43—there’s around 20 seconds showing off Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Nick Offerman’s Bill:

Video: HBO

It’s not much! Twenty seconds isn’t much whether this was its own trailer or not, and we really don’t see much of anything aside from a few conversations and some guns. There’s a short shot of some infected spore growth on a wall, some tense music, Nick Offerman looks stressed then the video cuts back to Game of Thrones.

But still, it’s nice to se some actual footage of the series, almost a year after we got out first look at still images. Pascal looks and sounds as weary as you expect hope Joel to be.

The show—reported to have been the largest TV production to have ever been filmed in Canada—has been written and produced by Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann, along with Craig Mazin, who was previously the writer and producer on HBO’s highly acclaimed Chernobyl.

Anyone hoping for a firmer release date for the first season—the show’s deal is for several—to accompany the footage will be disappointed; the reveal says only that The Last Of Us is “coming next year”.


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