Fans Won’t Stop Comparing Modern Warfare II To Modern Warfare 2


“What’s changed in video games in the last 13 years?” gaming YouTuber Boomstick Gaming asks in the beginning of this video. “Well, let’s take a look at Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare 2.”

This two-minute case study in game evolution judges how glossy graphics in 2009 were to how glossy graphics today are, so it’s not scientific. It’s a fun side-by-side, but I haven’t set an academic standard for my slideshows yet, so it will work for our purposes.

My main takeaway is that games from 2009 probably looked better than next-gen diehards want us to remember, but, admittedly, I’m not really a framerate snob.

Second, I think glass shattered more convincingly in MW2, but that MWII has way more impressive watermelon explosion physics and nearly everything else. Though MW2 looks good, technology has had 13 years to improve, and it’s not really a fair evaluation.

My verdict: Is this real life or is it MWII?

The comments section: “It’s insane how little perceptual progress has been made in most AAA games in the past decade,” a popular comment says, “always new graphics cards and increasing speed requirements for ever diminishing returns.” Uh, right, that’s what I meant.


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